AXSON REVOCOAT is a supplier of sealants, dampers and anticorrosion products for the automotive industry. Our business, which originally specialised in PVC plastisols and rubber, was progressively extended to offer a whole range of complementary epoxy-based products, polyurethanes and water-based emulsions. AXSON REVOCOAT SAS is part of AXSON Group, a world leader in high performance operational polymer formulation.

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AXSON REVOCOAT, the strength of experience

1972 saw the creation of REVCO, a French company originally specialised in the manufacturing of anticorrosion products for the automotive industry. REVCO later became part successively of two major global companies: GURIT ESSEX and DOW CHEMICAL.

  • 1998: REVCO was acquired by and integrated into the Swiss- American company GURIT-ESSEX (a 50/50 JV between GURIT HEBERLEIN and DOW CHEMICAL)
  • 2001: GURIT HEBERLEIN sold its shares to DOW CHEMICAL
  • 2003: DOW Chemical integrated the business into its automotive division, DOW Automotive
  • 2008: DOW Chemical created a new business specialised in sealants and dampers called REVOCOAT
  • February 2009: REVOCOAT was bought up by a group of private investors. The acquisition covered all European businesses including the French and Spanish sites of Saint-Just-en-Chaussée and Camarma and led to the creation of ANABOND-REVOCOAT , a 50/50 joint venture based in India

Since then, REVOCOAT has grown through its acquisitions and thus developed client proximity:

  • 2009 : acquisitions of sites in Turkey, Russia and Brazil
  • 2010 : new acquisitions in Slovenia and China
  • 2011 : acquisition of COAT-IT, in North America

At REVOCOAT, we constantly seek to increase proximity to our clients, whether through our market presence or our partnerships (Korea, Japan, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, etc.),

REVOCOAT , proactive and forward-looking

Thanks to its structure REVOCOAT was able to withstand the automotive crisis two years in a row. While in 2009 feedstock prices and demand from OEMS were at their lowest, 2010 was marked by opposite trends with feedstock prices surging and the automotive market picking up.

In 2011, REVOCOAT is preparing for the future. According to forecasts, global growth is expected to top 35% and vehicle output should reach 98 million by 2016. REVOCOAT is ready to meet the growing needs of its many clients.


REVOCOAT has 400 employees all over the world, more than half based outside France. Our leading-edge production tools are sophisticated, flexible and competitive. REVOCOAT reports growing sales, is present in emerging markets and constantly upgrades its equipment and infrastructures to meet clients' requirements.

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